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When The Sky Separated From The Earth

Direction/Performance: Ani Javian and Benjamin Roach

Dramaturg: Amy Blumberg

Theatrical Advisor: Stephanie Lane

Queer Spaces Queer Faces Festival 

Cornerstone Center for the Arts

Muncie, Indiana

March 17-18, 2024


Take Root at Green Space Studio (excerpts)

Queens, New York

May 10-11, 2024

Barnett Theater at The Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio

May 31, 2024

When The Sky Separated From The Earth, an evening-length duet, teases apart elements of our identities that have been learned or constructed from those that are genuine and authentic. What are our stories and how did they come to be? The work asks questions around duplicity and multiplicity, fantasy and reality, and deception and truth. It considers art’s ability to fabricate, deceive, and reveal truth(s), at once. It is a playground, a gym, town plaza, church, bedroom, stage, and home. It is a mashup of movement, text, props, and song. It is loud and out-of-bounds. It is against the rules. It is not exactly true, but it isn’t exactly false, either. And it asks, “How can we trust - in ourselves, in others, and in our world?” It works to reveal our humanity – full of faults, but always with the capacity to listen to our own unique truths and the truths of those around us with compassion, goodwill, and heart.

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