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bone, mauve, and eggshell blue (2020)

Choreography and Performance: Ani Javian

Sound: field recordings from Yerevan, Armenia edited by by Aaron Michael Butler, with "Groung" by Zabelle Panosian

Lighting Design: David Glista

Never Before Never Again Festival, curated by the Lovelies

Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY

January 16, 2020


Keshet Center for the Arts 

Albuquerque, NM

February 22, 2020


Barn Dances, curated by Nathalie Jonas

Private residence, Philipstown, NY

July 27, 2019

bone, mauve, and eggshell blue is a memoir and a form of commemoration to the history of my female Armenian ancestors. The work cites cultural imagery and traditions as an embodied succession of impressions and iconographies. Utilizing family photos, heirlooms, and field recordings from a research trip to Yerevan, Armenia, bone, mauve, and eggshell blue aims to excavate the histories that I have inherited, asking "How is my body, in this time and space, historic?"

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