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‘lectric Eye (2022)

Choreography: Wendell Gray II, Molly Heller, Symara Johnson, Joanna Kotze

Composer/Musician: Ryan Seaton with Mary Lyn Graves, Ani Javian, Ariel Lembeck, Jordan Lloyd (February 2022), Jennifer Nugent, Devin Oshiro, Ambika Raina, Ariana Speight, Marion Spencer, Hsiao-jou Tang and Lex Vautrin (January 2023)

Lighting: Kathy Kaufmann

Costumes: Christian Joy

New York Live Arts

219 West 19th St., New York, NY, as part of Live Artery
January 15–16 2023

World Premiere presented by Irondale
Brooklyn, New York
February 9–12, 2022

An evening-length dance performance that responds to collective and personal loss and isolation and draws attention to the human body’s potential for persistence, resistance, and power. ‘lectric Eye uses the connection between music and movement to push physical and sonic limits, both as a collective and as individuals.

BIG BEATS (2021)

Choreography: Joanna Kotze

Sound: Ryan Seaton

Performed by: Bria Bacon, Mary Lyn Graves, Wendell Gray II, Ani Javian, Symara Johnson, Joanna Kotze, Ariel Lembeck, Jordan Lloyd, Jennifer Nugent, Devin Oshiro, Pamela Pietro, Ambika Raina, Paul Singh, Ariana Speight, Stacy Spence, Marion Spencer, Hsiao-jou Tang, Nattie Trogdon, Claire Westby, and Rochelle Wilbun. Live music by Ryan Seaton.

Summer on Hudson
Pier I, Riverside Park South, New York City, New York

September 18, 2021

Danced to a driving sonic rhythm, BIG BEATS is the force of a group of performers doing complex, synchronized movement in a public space. This complicated, rigorous dance can be viewed from anywhere. It is an invitation to stop and watch a group of people working together, dancing together, being together. It is also a chance to let the beat get into your own body, joining us.

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